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 We all know how yogurt is important and it's very unhealthy sometimes when we eat the supermarket one. So instead of wasting your money on packed yogurt make your organic yogurt with your choice of ingredients at home in less time, fewer efforts. 

As we are not aware of how harmful market packed yogurt as its containing so many chemicals and storage for long hours. So in this way you can eat organic and fresh food also you can save your health as well as your pocket. 


Flavored Yogurt recipe:- 

It's very easy to make yogurt in different flavors such as honey, chocolate, berries, banana, mango anything which you like, any flavor any color, any seeds, etc. 


Let's start making yogurt

1. Boil the milk first for good taste try to use full cream milk, else if you would like to make it low fat then low-fat milk can be used likewise. 

2. Boil milk for 2 boils, then leaves it for getting a bit cold. 

3. Once it's lukewarm, then you can add berries, fruits whatever you want to make the flavor. Don't add anything while you put milk on heat as it will spoil the milk. 


Disclaimer: add ingredients when milk is a bit cold. 

4. After you mixed up ingredients with milk If you wish you can put sugar, nuts, seeds to make it more healthy. 

5. Then put some warm water in a pan (Anything which can be closed such as with lid).


Disclaimer:  If the weather is hot then use less warm water but if the weather is cold then use maximum hot water. 

6. So now in this hot water, put the small boil milk pot where you mix u all ingredients. 


7. Then just close the lid and leave it for 3-4 hours for better thickness and creamy taste.


8. Lastly, keep this container in a closed drawer, the window for maximum fermented process.  


9. After you take it out you can store in freeze and use it for a week.


All in all, this is the best healthy quick recipe for yogurt lovers as in this recipe, you can put any quantity of required things according to your taste. 

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We all know how yogurt is good for health, skin, and overall all parts of our body. It is also good to slow down the aging process, which is a more concerning topic in today's fast pace life. 

Some benefits of Yogurt. 


  • Yogurt can be used as a face pack, mask for hair as well. (Recipe down below)

  • Improve your digestive power. 

  • Gives you vitamin - C, protein. calcium, lactic acid which slows down the aging process. 

  • Improve your immune system, gives you a healthy boost. 

  • Make strong teeth and bones 

  • Weight loss low-fat yogurt 

  • Good for females if there have urine, vagina infection.

  • Make a healthy heart  


When can you eat yogurt or what time you should eat yogurt for maximum benefits? 

Every diet has time to eat. So in the case of yogurt, you should eat it for breakfast. But also you can consume it before lunch between 12-1 PM for maximum benefits. 

Is Yogurt Good for hair too? 

Yes, this is proven that yogurt is very beneficial for hair. If you wish to make your hair strong and shiny, then according to your head skin use plain yogurt. Hair washes with plain Yogurt is an ancient idea. 

Steps : 


  1. Take one cup of plain yogurt

  2. mix it well until it turns a creamy  paste 

  3. Apply on hair starting from the root of your hair. 

  4. Leave it for 30 mins 

  5. Wash it thoroughly with lukewarm water

  6. So after wash, you can feel the fact about the result. 



Face Pack with Yogurt:- Yes, this is a very well-known fact that yogurt is not only good for the body it has enormous effects on the skin too.


Face Pack recipe: 

1. Take 2 tablespoons of plain fresh yogurt 

2.  Mix it well with vitamin E & C Serum 

3. Add half tablespoon honey

4. Add some coconut oil (organic) if coconut oil is not available then you can put any essential oil according to your skin and choice. 

5. After adding all ingredients mix well again for another 5 mins. 

6. Apply on your pre-wash face with a cotton pad.

7. Leave this mixture on your face for 20 mins. 

8. After 20 mins, wash your face with cold water while washing slightly rub it. 

9. Then apply your moisture evenly.

Here you go, your healthy skin is ready to check.