Smoothies :


1. Green smoothie 

Ingredients: Leafy plants, spinach, kale, celery, bak Choy, parsley
Seeds, frozen or fresh berries, Honey (according to taste), dry fruits if you wish to add. 
Put them all in a Juice maker or mixer, blend it properly. Then add some plant-based milk and blend it again. You can garnish with your choice of toppings. Put some chia seeds for more value. 
Enjoy as a breakfast or at any time. Keeps you full. No Cravings. Weight loss in a short span. 
Benefits of green smoothies. 
This is a well-known fact that Green smoothie is very beneficial for all ages and genders. Here are some benefits. 
1. Green leafy plants, vegetables give you a healthy boost as it's full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. 
2. Good for eyesight. 
3. Improve your skin and get rid of skin related problems. Make your skin look healthy and glow skin tone. 
4. Good for the digestive system. Improve your immune system as it increases your metabolism system. Cleanse your body. 
5. Remove dead cells from your body and gives a boost to new cells. 
6. Good for long, shiny hair as well. 
7. Improve blood circulation 
8. Make the body active and hydrate at all times. 
9. Gives a boost to bones 
10. Remove infection germs from the body very quickly. 

Berries Banana Smoothies

Take 2-3 bananas according to your appetite and berries. Mix it well in a blender with honey and some dry fruits for a better taste. Put some fresh milk and mix it up. 
Here you go! An easy healthy drink ready to take in no time. 
This mixture is good for a person who wants to lose weight. This is a drink that keeps you full for many hours. So you will forget to take snacks or forget cravings at all.
Mango Smoothie
If you are a mango lover, then you can make a mango smoothie. Take a fresh mango wash it properly, peel it, and take out the pulp from the mango. Put it in a blender, put some plant-based milk and seeds according to your choice. If you like sugary then add some honey with a pinch of cinnamon. Blend it properly and mix it well. 
So this is your mango smoothie ready to drink.