Which is healthy meal plans?

 Healthy daily routine from wake-up to sleep?

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We all know this very well, due to lack of time and busy in life we are losing so many things behind. In this case, the most essential part of our diet. Due to a lack of time and work pressure, we lost our good diet plans. 


No matter how busy you are always take some time for you. If in life you struggle a lot to get things done properly and then you reach on your goal, where you find it that sideways you lost so many things that you cant get back. Time is flying everything is getting very fast. So, I try some tricks and my ideas to make your food life and look better with a fast-paced life. Let's go in to see : 

Positive Starts with Morning Routine and wake up 

 After repairing our body at night, you will be ready for the next day to work out. When we sleep at night, our body is getting repair automatically. So after wake up in the morning, you should try to wake up between 6-7am. Try to see the growing sun if possible.  

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  • Next when you wake up, just sit relax for 5-7 mins peacefully. 

  • Then come out of your bed. 

  • tidy your bed make your bed neat and clean. 

  • Then with bare feet stand on the ground. 

  • Express your gratitude towards nature who gives you everything. 

  • Then with slow-motion start stretching your body. Keep in mind not forcefully in early morning 

  • after warm-up, your body with stretching take relief and sit back relax. 

  • Inhale oxygen from one nostril and exhale from others with force. Repeat this process at least 20 times. 

  • After breath in breath out, sit back on the ground and meditate for at least 10mins. 

  • Enjoy your peaceful morning rhymes, chirping of birds, etc. 

  • For morning advantage you can also walk on the grass when dewdrops are on it but do this with bare for with maximum benefit. 

  • After that, you have to drink lukewarm water slowly. One sip and rinse mouth and then drink it. Just like that, you have to drink one big glass of water. 

  • Make sure you have to drink water in a sitting position. 

  • After drink a glass of warm water you can start your mornings and go for a bath. 


This is the best way to start your mornings. It will keep you active for the whole day and it will cheer up your mood.

Best healthy diet plan : 

There are 3 main meals in a day. 

1. Breakfast 

2. Lunch 

3. Dinner 

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner all are very imperative for the human body and mind. Let's start with the initial stage. 

What time you have to do your breakfast? 

In your breakfast, you have to eat between 8 to 9 am. This hour of eating is very precious. 

What to eat for Breakfast? 

In your morning diet plan, you would eat some eggs with brown oatmeal bread. 

Secondly, you can eat oatmeal in milk. 

Thirdly, you can make 


What time you should do your lunch? 

Lunch you should finish in between 12-1 PM every day. 

What to eat at lunch? 

In Lunch, you can take more calories, take a heavy diet as well which you can't eat at dinner or at breakfast. 

The first option you can eat pulses with chapattis and bread, a lot of salad, meat, fried things if you wish but make it less oily. After every lunch meal if possible eat some fruits like orange, apple at the end. 

Dinner plans : 

Finish your dinner before you sleep at least 3 hours. 

So for that, you can take porridge, light meal soup, vegetables, salmon. 

As at night we have to sleep so try to take a very light meal, if possible don't drink water quickly after each meal. You can drink water after 1 hour of eating. 

Try your best to drink water throughout the day avoid water while you going to sleep. 


Simple healthy meal plan

Just like rainbows, you should make your meal with 7 colors, Like vegetables, fruits, seeds, meat, etc. 

Try to eat that kind of food which gives you more value in less time, more digestive and healthy. Daytime eat more watery food. 


Healthy eating schedule

Keep your same time for eating meals every day if possible. As your body gets used to it. It needs to give food at the same time. 

An eating plan for healthy living

Needs to stick with a meal plan if you want your body and soul in a perfect situation. 

Full diet plan for weight loss

Take 3 essential meal plans every day without skipping. Try to avoid in-between snacks. If you really wish to or have a snack craving then eat seeds or fruits, nuts, healthy bars with fewer carbs. 

Make a healthy diet plan for a week

Check  daily your diet/meal

Check which foods good for a diet plan based on your medical history

Research again and again what is a correct diet plan

Choose food for better health